Many homeowners will tend to overlook regular ac maintenance in keeping their home HVAC systems healthy. Your home ac system, just like a car, needs regular maintenance in order to keep it running at the most efficient and effective levels. Not only will regular maintenance keep your ac system running smoothly, but it will also help reduce your energy bill as well as extend the life of your ac unit.

What is AC Maintenance?

There are many components surrounding ac maintenance and it is always best to call one of your expert technicians at THE AC HERO to get regular maintenance scheduled for your ac system.

ac maintenance north richland hills txCleaning and Replacing Your Air Filters

One important part of ac maintenance is making sure that your air filters are cleaned and allowing for unrestricted airflow. If your ac filters are over 90 days old, it might be a good time to have them replaced. Doing so allows your family to breathe cleaner air as well as helping to reduce the strain on your ac system motors.

Keeping Your AC System Free of Debris

Another important part of ac maintenance is keeping the outside of your ac system free of any dirt, grass, or other types of debris that may build up on the outside. This can reduce the capacity for your ac system to deliver cool air to your home and also puts unnecessary strain on your ac system.

Cleaning Your AC Coils

Keeping your evaporator and condenser coils clean is part of regular ac maintenance since dirt and debris can collect on it over time which insulates the coil. By the coil being insulated, the ability to absorb heat is reduced which in turn keeps your home from cooling properly. Many time homeowners will find that their coils are the cause of many HVAC related issues.


In summary, keeping up with regular ac maintenance is needed in order to keep your ac system running as optimal as possible. Our expert HVAC technicians have over 20 years in the industry and can help you with your ac maintenance. Call us at 817-557-7586 and we at THE AC HERO will be more than happy to ensure that your ac system is maintained properly throughout the year.

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