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5 Reasons You Need an Annual Furnace Tune-up

Your furnace is an important part of your HVAC system. It is designed to heat your home and is in highest demand during the cooler months. You can therefore see why now is an important time to schedule an annual furnace tune-up. During a tune-up, your HVAC contractor will clean, test, and provide all necessary forms of maintenance. Here are five reasons why a furnace tune-up is so important, highlighting why it’s always a good idea to have it checked out, especially this time of year.


If the airflow is restricted or limited, it can strain parts of your furnace, leading to major repairs. It may even shorten the life of the system, so this is one of the first things a technician may look for during an inspection. Airflow issues can be corrected with services as simple as cleaning the filter, which also removes dust and allergens from your home. That means your family can be more comfortable while indoors.


A furnace malfunction is a safety hazard. If the unit were to fail, it may not only make your home uncomfortable but also cause a carbon monoxide leak. Older furnaces are at risk when cracks develop in the combustion chamber. Problems with the heat exchanger, burner, and gas valve can release carbon monoxide, which is undetectable as it has no color or smell. However, it is very deadly. Inspections help spot potential issues early before harm is done and provide safety and peace of mind.


Emergency repairs never come at a convenient time. You may end up having to wait until a snowstorm clears before a crew can get to your home (all the while, it starts to freeze inside). By keeping your furnace clean, efficient, and free of ongoing issues, a tune-up can save you time and money. In general, furnace tune-ups are a lot cheaper than emergency repairs, as small problems can be spotted before they cause more damage.


A well-maintained furnace uses less energy. By cleaning components such as the burner, heat exchanger, and gas valve, and inspecting them, it’s possible to keep your furnace running well. Increased energy efficiency means lower heating bills during the fall and winter. Maintenance issues, particularly dirt and low air output, can reduce efficiency by a significant amount. But a tune-up can ensure you have a heater that does not consume more energy than necessary.


Many furnaces have a manufacturer’s warranty that requires annual furnace maintenance. By not having an annual tune-up or regular maintenance, you may void the warranty and the coverage it includes will be terminated. Routine heating maintenance provides the service records needed to maintain the warranty for as long as it is good for.


Contact The AC Hero for maintenance, and a factory-trained technician will provide your North Richland Hills furnace tune-up. We offer comprehensive preventative heating and furnace maintenance plans to help you save in the long run. Routine HVAC service includes installing new air filters, checking safety components, inspecting the pilot light, and cleaning the motor, among many other areas.

Annual service can avoid unexpected equipment breakdowns and expensive furnace repairs.

Heating repair and emergency services are available, 24/7. The AC Hero remains open during the coronavirus pandemic, so our team is serving customers’ HVAC needs while providing no contact service; we’re also adhering to the latest social distancing and sanitizing guidelines. For furnace tune-up service and other HVAC services in Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas, contact us or schedule service online, or call (817) 631-2507

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