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AC Maintenance in Fort Worth 

Preventative Maintenance for Your AC Unit in North Richland Hills

The AC Hero is the leading AC maintenance company in Fort Worth and surrounding communities. Our team can provide routine service and inspect all major components and parts, so your system remains reliable, safe, and efficient.

Many homeowners tend to overlook regular AC maintenance. Your home HVAC system, just like a car, needs regular maintenance to keep it running as efficiently and effectively as it can. Not only will regular maintenance keep your system running smoothly, but it will also help reduce your energy bill as well as extend the life of your AC unit. Your HVAC system may also last years longer, so paying for major repairs or early replacements won’t be necessary.

For the more challenging types of maintenance, it’s always best to call one of our expert technicians at (817) 631-2507 to schedule regular maintenance for your AC system.

What Is AC Maintenance? 

AC maintenance is a series of steps to help keep your system running without major problems or breakdowns. It includes professional services to inspect and, if necessary, repair important components, as well as simple steps you can do yourself. These include cleaning or changing an air filter or cleaning the condenser coil. 

You should have a professional AC inspection at least once a year, before the start of the cooling season, to check for any hidden issues. An inspection in the fall will ensure your air conditioner is in peak condition and able to handle increased demand.

To make sure your AC is running well and will continue to do so, we check the following:

  • Blower Motor
  • Thermostat
  • Air Filter
  • Bearings
  • Indoor Coil
  • Condensate Drain
  • Condenser Coil
  • Refrigerant
  • Electrical Connections, Wirings, and Disconnect Box
  • Capacitors
  • Fan Blade
  • Service Valves
  • Duct Work
  • Compressor
  • System Tune-Up
  • Safety Inspection

The AC Maintenance Checklist 

Here is a checklist to help your A/C maintenance go smoothly. Some you can do on your own, while others are best completed with the help of a professional HVAC contractor.

Our Fort Worth AC maintenance professionals perform the following: 

  1. Cleaning and replacing your air filters: One important part of AC maintenance is making sure your air filters are cleaned, which allows for unrestricted airflow. If your filters are over 90 days old, it might be a good time to have them replaced. But if they are reusable, be sure to clean them regularly. Doing so allows your family to breathe cleaner air and helps to reduce the strain on AC motors.
  2. Keeping your AC system free of debris: Another important maintenance task is keeping the outside of your air conditioning system free of dirt, grass, or other types of debris. Debris buildup can reduce the cooling capacity of your system. It also puts unnecessary strain on vital components.
  3. Cleaning your AC coils: Keeping your evaporator and condenser coils clean eliminates debris that can collect on them over time. Any accumulated debris insulates the coil, reducing its ability to absorb heat, which keeps your home from cooling properly. Many times, homeowners will find dirty coils are the cause of HVAC-related issues.
  4. Checking for loose connections: If you find any loose electrical connections, tighten them if it’s safe to do so. Otherwise, contact a technician who can tighten connections with the proper tools and check for potential damage or other hazards that may require a repair or replacement of connections or wiring.
  5. Lubricating motors and bearings: It is important to lubricate parts that move because friction can cause them to wear down quickly. Motors, bearings, fans, and other moving parts can last longer with less strain on the overall system, so it runs efficiently and potentially develops fewer problems over time.
  6. Replacing refrigerant: A refrigerant recharge is important if levels are low. If there’s too little refrigerant, then your AC cannot function properly, and your home will not be as warm or cool as you’d like. A technician must have the proper experience to change refrigerant per the latest laws and regulations, especially if you have an older system (as R-22 freon has been discontinued).
  7. Clearing and cleaning every drain: A clogged condensate line can cause water to leak and pool up near the air conditioner. Moisture and dampness can lead to mold buildup and water damage. Clear condensate drain lines to prevent problems debris and clogs can cause. Also have a professional repair any leaks or cracks in the condensate drain line.
  8. Inspecting system controls: If the system controls are faulty, the AC won’t start, operate, or shut off properly. Have all unit controls and thermostats tested regularly to check for problems. Correcting these can reduce the amount of energy wasted, keep your utility bills down, and improve comfort levels at home.
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Our expert HVAC technicians have over 20 years in the industry and can help with any type of AC maintenance. We service every brand and can fix any problem; all parts are stocked in our service trucks so technicians can quickly address any issue they find. Make sure your AC is ready for the cooling system by booking your maintenance appointment today!

Call us at (817) 631-2507 or complete our online form and we will be more than happy to ensure that your AC system is maintained properly throughout the year.

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