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The AC Hero provides professional ductwork sealing and repair in the Fort Worth area when you need it the most. Our licensed, certified HVAC technicians provide thorough duct cleaning as well. We know how important clean, well-maintained air ducts are for indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can mean there are micro-particles that can lead to asthma and other health problems. Without properly cleaned and functioning air ducts, you will be putting your family’s health at risk. Fortunately, our ductwork sealing, and repair services can restore clean air and improve the performance and efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

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The Signs of a Broken Air Duct

Like other HVAC components, air ducts are prone to wear and tear. Ductwork also accumulates dirt, grime, and soot over time. This is a concern because all the conditioned air in your home is distributed by the ducts in the system. Maintenance issues can not only make it uncomfortable but also lead to unsafe conditions.

If you notice these signs, it is time to call a professional:

  • Inconsistent temperature: If your home has hot and cold spots, your air ducts are no longer working properly. Air distribution is being disrupted so not every room receives heated or cooled air; temperatures throughout your home may vary greatly.
  • Pressure: If doors or windows slam because of a wind gust, then the air pressure in your ductwork may be too high. High static pressure means there is high resistance to airflow, meaning air may be restricted by a blockage or improperly designed or misshapen ducts.
  • No air or little air flowing: If you cannot feel air flowing, the air duct may be leaking, which is caused by a tear or break in the system. It can also be clogged. Blockages can be caused by clogged filters, broken off pieces of duct insulation, accumulated dust, or even infestations of insects or rodents (a musty smell can give that away).
  • Warm air: The ducts and HVAC system are supposed to take heat out, not in. If there’s low temperature regulation and the system isn’t maintaining thermostat settings, a defect in the ductwork may be the cause.
  • The vents are dusty: Filters clean out the air in your duct lines. If you see dust and dirt around the vents, there is likely a filtration problem; cleaning the vents can help but if the buildup comes back quickly, contact a professional to check your ducts.
  • High energy bills: If there’s a sudden rise in your utility bill, you may need new filters, but there could also be a tear or hole in a duct, which must be repaired with professional-grade materials.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Air Ducts 

By cleaning your air ducts on a regular basis, you can:

  • Help maintain good air quality: The air that returns to and is supplied by your air ducts is the air your family breathes every day. You want your air to be as clean as possible for health reasons. Without clean air ducts, bacteria, allergens, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, mild dew, and various other irritants and toxins can accumulate.
  • Protect your heating and cooling systems: An unclean ventilation system can cause your air conditioner coils to become clogged, which can lead to an expensive repair. It can also cause contaminated blower wheels and other problems which can reduce the life of your HVAC system.
  • Increases energy efficiency: By keeping your air ducts clean, you can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. Air duct cleaning prevents dust and debris from restricting airflow that could strain major HVAC components. Your HVAC system will have to work harder, which requires more energy.

When Should I Clean My Air Ducts? 

In general, you should clean your air ducts every three to five years to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and protect your family.

However, if you notice any rodents or insects entering or exiting ductwork, or you find dust or black debris around the outside of duct lines, it’s time for professional service. Duct cleaning may be necessary if you start to see dirt or dust building up on vents and registers, or you can hear air moving through the ducts. 

When Should I Replace My Air Ducts? 

There are situations when cleaning and repair will not do the job anymore. In these example situations, you have to replace the air ducts:

  • Mold spores: Leaks can occur due to wear and tear, causing mold to infiltrate the air ducts. If this happens, the spores will come flying right into your room; It is much more effective to replace mold-infested ducts than to try to repair them.
  • Improper duct design: This is a little painful, as you would expect duct installers to do their jobs right. But sometimes, they do it wrong. If the air ducts are not designed appropriately, they will not circulate air properly and will waste your money on power.
  • Torn air ducts: Some air ducts are made of flexible material; as such, they can be easily dented, punctured, or If this happens, you need to replace them as they are completely useless.
  • Old air ducts: Air ducts typically last about a decade; nature will take its course and the seals and joints eventually If you have old ducts, replace them. Deteriorated ductwork will end up costing you more in the long run.
  • Loud noise: If there are rattling noises coming from the ducts or it sounds like metal banging on metal, there’s probably something very wrong; depending on the issue, it’s best to have new ducts installed to fix the problem.

Contact The AC Hero Today 

Ductwork is a critical part of your air conditioning system and should be cleaned, sealed, and repaired regularly along with your air-conditioning units. While the HVAC system controls air temperature and humidity, the air ducts transport air and to and from each room of your home.

The AC Hero provides high-quality repair and maintenance services and is experienced with ductwork sealing and repair. We can ensure the air you breathe is clean and air ducts are in good condition to ensure optimal HVAC performance and efficiency. 

Call us at (817) 631-2507 to schedule your service today. We’ll look at your air ducts to see if they need to be cleaned, sealed, or replaced.

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