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24-Hour Emergency Heating and Cooling Services in Fort Worth And Beyond

Few things are worse than discovering your A/C system is not functioning properly on a sweltering summer day. A malfunctioning unit can be more of an inconvenience, however. In certain situations, a problem with your A/C system may constitute an emergency that warrants immediate professional attention.

Our team at The AC Hero is fully licensed and offers the Fort Worth emergency HVAC services you need to quickly manage a wide variety of critical issues. We are available 24/7 and will arrive in a truck fully stocked with frequently used components, allowing us to complete many repairs in a single trip. Our technicians are familiar with all major brands of heating and cooling equipment and are committed to facilitating lasting solutions. This can include helping you implement a maintenance plan to help proactively prevent future issues.

If you need emergency assistance with your HVAC system, do not wait to call (817) 631-2507 or contact us online. Se habla español.

When Do I Need Emergency Heating and Cooling Services in Fort Worth?

A/C units inevitably malfunction, especially as they age and are forced to work harder in warmer weather. Some problems will only require a simple repair and can be fixed at your convenience, especially if the system is still operable. Other issues will demand urgent intervention and a call to our technicians.

Get in touch with The AC Hero as soon as possible if you notice:

  • Your A/C Unit Is Leaking. If you notice ice forming on your A/C unit or water dripping from your equipment, something is wrong with your system. This excess moisture can cause significant water damage to both your system and your home. If left unaddressed, mold can begin to grow within 24 hours and trigger indoor air quality issues. Water damage can also impact the longevity of your A/C equipment and could force you to fully replace your unit sooner than necessary.
  • Strange, Unpleasant Smells. If you smell an odor that reminds you of rotten eggs or sulfur, your home could be experiencing a gas leak. Close off your main gas line immediately and check your system’s pilot light. If the flame has a yellow pigment, there is a carbon monoxide leakage, and you should evacuate. Do not reenter your home until professional help arrives. 
  • Electrical Problems. Turning on your A/C unit should not cause electrical disturbances in your home. If routine use of your A/C frequently trips your breaker or dims your lights, you will need a trained technician to diagnose why your unit is interfering with your electrical system. 
  • Your A/C Unit Will Not Turn On at All. Sometimes, your A/C unit will simply cease to work. You should always check to make sure your system is receiving power and that there are no problems with your thermostat. If you can rule these common culprits out and your A/C unit still refuses to turn on, you probably have a larger issue and need to contact a professional. No one wants to deal with a nonfunctioning A/C system for longer than they have to, and our Fort Worth emergency HVAC services can come to the rescue.

Resolving an Emergency HVAC Issue

When you schedule your emergency service with our team, we will get a full understanding of the type of problem you are experiencing so that we come prepared to handle it as efficiently as possible. Our technicians are familiar with a vast spectrum of common HVAC issues and will make every effort to bring the equipment and parts necessary to fix the issue on our first visit. Defects that are larger in scope may require a more sophisticated approach, and we will always be direct and honest when we walk you through what is wrong and what it will take to complete the repair.

Our technicians are prepared to examine and resolve issues involving:

In some cases, a complete replacement of equipment may be necessary, especially if the unit is decades-old, was improperly installed, or insufficiently maintained. We are prepared to handle new installations and guarantee our work. Our Fort Worth emergency HVAC services include a maintenance plan that is designed to extend the life of your system components and help avoid future problems from developing.

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If your HVAC system is not functioning properly, our technicians can quickly diagnose the issue and get to work on a solution. We offer flexible payment arrangements, so do not hesitate to call (817) 631-2507 or contact us online.

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