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Dependable Emergency Plumbing Services in North Richland Hills

When a burst pipe or overflowing toilet threatens to flood your home, you need a reliable plumber as soon as humanly possible. At The AC Hero, we offer responsive, 24/7 service and will be here for you whenever you need us. Our Fort Worth emergency plumbing technicians will quickly travel to your home and business with the parts and equipment needed to resolve your problem. Our professionals are fully licensed, and we guarantee our work. Our team is familiar with all major brands and aims to implement lifetime solutions for problems of all scopes and complexities. Whenever you have a plumbing emergency, you can trust us to get the job done right the first time.

Dealing with a plumbing crisis and not sure where to turn? Contact us online or call (817) 631-2507 to get prompt assistance. Se habla español.

Common Plumbing Emergencies We Handle

Some plumbing issues do not constitute an emergency, especially if they are more annoying than destructive or dangerous. You should still make every effort to quickly deal with seemingly minor plumbing problems, however. Left unaddressed, a small issue can erupt into a massive problem that requires immediate professional intervention. 

Our Fort Worth emergency plumbing technicians are prepared to assist you with many types of crises, including:

  • Burst Pipes. A burst pipe can quickly flood your home and do significant harm to your property. You may not necessarily be able to see a pipe has burst if it is not exposed, but call a plumber if you notice wet spots on your walls or ceilings. 
  • Major Leaks. While not as severe as a burst pipe, any major leak in your piping or fixtures will dramatically run up your water bill and may potentially damage your property. Leaks can also lead to health issues if they trigger mold or rust.
  • Clogged Sinks, Toilets, and Garbage Disposals. Minor clogs in kitchen sinks are often caused by accumulated food particles and soap scum. A garbage disposal is designed to efficiently deal with these elements and keep your water flowing. Sometimes, a garbage disposal may become clogged or nonfunctional if it is run without water or forced to process tougher materials, triggering a broader sink clog. Bathroom sinks can also become clogged with hair and residue from beauty and cleaning products, while toilets typically experience clogs due to the flushing of non-flushable items and other piping issues. Some simple clogs can sometimes be resolved without professional help, but you should avoid the use of drain cleaners, which contain caustic chemicals that can do tremendous damage to your piping. Our technicians can locate and resolve clogs present in any of your plumbing fixtures.
  • No Hot Water. There is a chance that your utility company is dealing with an issue, so it is always a good idea to check with them first before calling a plumber. If your utility company insists that they are not to blame, you may be facing an electrical issue, a burst pipe, or a problem with your water heater or boiler. 
  • Constantly Running Toilet. A toilet that refuses to stop running may not seem like a plumbing emergency, but if the problem is not unresolved, you will see drastic increases in your water bill, as the fixture will likely waste hundreds of gallons of water per day. Scheduling an emergency repair can help you avoid these exorbitant expenses. 
  • Sewer Backup. If you notice multiple clogs, gurgling sounds emanating from your drains, or unpleasant odors, call The AC Hero before the problems worsen. If nothing is done, a sewer backup may send raw sewage into your home or business’s drains. In addition to rendering your appliances unusable, raw sewage also poses a range of health risks and must be dealt with immediately.

Preventing Plumbing Emergencies

Routine, preventative maintenance can go a long way in avoiding the need for our Fort Worth emergency plumbing services. By scheduling regular cleanings and inspections, you can ensure your pipes, fixtures, and systems are free of defects that can escalate into disasters.

Our team aims to offer you lifetime solutions. After carefully evaluating your home or business’s plumbing system, we will walk you through a maintenance plan designed to keep everything in top working condition. The frequency of maintenance will depend on your system’s age, materials, complexity, environmental factors, and more. We also provide financing options that can work with you and your budget. 

Need help with a burst pipe or overflowing fixture? Contact us online or call (817) 631-2507.

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