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Do you know what is in your home or business’s pipes? Are you confident in their condition or aware of how they may be impacting your water quality? An experienced plumber can take steps to ensure your property’s piping is in optimal condition and help you resolve a variety of problems.

Our team at The AC Hero is prepared to handle all of your piping needs, no matter the age or condition of your system. Our Fort Worth piping and repiping technicians are fully licensed, and we guarantee our work. We strive to offer an unbeatable response time and are available 24/7 for emergency service. If you are currently dealing with any sort of piping problem, our professionals can quickly diagnose the issue and walk you through available solutions, which may involve the installation of new pipes. We are also available to conduct annual or biennial inspections and perform any necessary maintenance that your piping system requires.

When your pipes have problems, we are here for you. Call (817) 631-2507 or contact us online to schedule a service appointment. Se habla español.

How Often Does My Piping Need Maintenance?

Scheduling preventative piping maintenance is an important part of protecting your home or business. By hiring a professional to routinely inspect your pipes, you will often be able to catch problems before they become costly disasters, saving you money, time, and stress in the long run. 

For most properties, piping maintenance should be completed at least once every two years. Our Fort Worth piping and repiping technicians will check for leaks, clogs, corrosion, water pressure issues, and other defects. We will also confirm your boiler (if applicable), heating system, drainage system, sewage system, and plumbing faucets are all in good working order. 

Some properties may require more frequent maintenance. If you live in an older home, particularly one that was built in the 1960s or earlier, your piping may be partially or completely constructed of steel, a material that is more prone to issues. In these cases, you should schedule annual inspections. You should also order an exhaustive inspection of a property’s piping system when you move into a new home. 

When Should I Immediately Get My Pipes Checked?

Biennial maintenance should proactively prevent many types of piping mishaps, but sometimes, a serious issue can erupt seemingly from nowhere. Piping problems can do substantial damage to your plumbing system and home if left unaddressed, so do not hesitate to contact a dependable plumber if you notice a worrying problem. 

You should get in touch with our Fort Worth piping and repiping professionals right away if:

  • Your faucet is leaking. While this issue may seem minor (if annoying), a leaky faucet can run up utility costs and contribute to the development of mold and rust. Any leaks should be addressed as quickly as possible. 
  • Your sink or toilet is frequently clogged. Minor clogs can sometimes be handled without a professional, but if you are having trouble resolving a troublesome blockage, do not use a liquid clog remover or drain cleaner. These products contain chemicals that can do serious damage to your sinks, toilets, and plumbing system at large. Instead, protect the longevity of your pipes by getting a plumber to safely remove the clog.
  • A pipe bursts. A pipe could burst due to age, cooler temperatures, or insufficient materials. No matter the cause, it can spell disaster for your home, especially if it continues to spew water onto your floors and walls. The AC Hero offers immediate assistance in these situations and will swiftly work to mitigate the damage. 
  • You no longer have hot water. In some situations, your utility company may be responsible for a lack of hot water. If your utility company insists that they are not to blame, you may have a burst pipe, an electrical problem, or an issue with your water heater, all of which require professional intervention. 
  • Your toilet does not stop running. A constantly running toilet does more than make irritating sounds: It is likely increasing your water bill. A technician can diagnose the issue with your toilet and implement a fix. 
  • Your sewer system backs up. In a catastrophic sewer backup, raw sewage will emerge from most drains in your home or building, including sinks, toilets, and tubs. This poses a serious safety hazard in addition to being disgusting. Many times, a sewer system backup can be prevented if you call a plumber when you begin to notice foul odors emanating from your drains or multiple clogs. 
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When Is Repiping Necessary?

Pipes do not last forever and naturally deteriorate over time. Their precise lifespan will depend on the materials used, the frequency of preventative maintenance, the viability of their original installation, and the volume of fluids and particles moving through the system, among other factors. Brass pipes can last 40 to 70 years, for example, while galvanized steel can only last 20 to 50. 

Again, regular maintenance can increase the longevity of your pipes and reduce the likelihood of needing repiping. Even with consistent maintenance, however, piping will eventually need replacement. 

Our Fort Worth piping and repiping professionals can help you explore your options if:

  • You notice discolored water. Red or brown water indicates rust, which can adversely affect your water quality. Do not consume or bathe in discolored water. A repiping will probably be needed to protect your water supply.
  • You experience frequent leaks. As pipes corrode, they are more likely to leak. If you encounter a leak every once in a while, a total replacement of your system may not be necessary, but if you are constantly dealing with new leaks, repiping may be more cost-effective.
  • You are constantly dealing with low water pressure. Some water pressure issues are not the cause of aging pipes and can be fixed through other methods. Pipes corroded by age, frequent use, and a lack of maintenance can trigger consistently low water pressure that is not so easily resolved.
  • You live in an older home. If your home is at least 50 years old, there is a decent probability that its pipes are past their prime, especially if the system was constructed with less-than-optimal materials and installation methods.

If you are concerned about your pipes or are considering repiping your home or business, contact us online or call (817) 631-2507 today. Flexible payment arrangements are available. 

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