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Water Pressure Issues in Fort Worth

Low water pressure can be a frustrating annoyance, especially if the problem is so severe that it affects the efficacy of your shower, sink, dishwasher, toilet, or any other fixture. In some cases, resolving a water pressure issue may be a simple fix that can be handled without professional assistance. In other situations, you may need to call a plumber to diagnose the problem and get your water flowing properly.

When you are experiencing water pressure issues in Fort Worth, turn to The AC Hero. Our seasoned technicians are fully licensed and extensively familiar with all of the common causes of low water pressure. When we come to your home or business, we will quickly evaluate your plumbing system, identify the issue, and get to work on a lasting solution. We guarantee our work and are available 24/7, meaning we can assist with emergency plumbing issues and repairs. 

If you are tired of low water pressure, contact us online or call (817) 631-2507 to discuss your situation with our professionals. Se habla español.

Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

If you notice low water pressure, do not immediately assume the worst. Understanding why water pressure problems happen can help you understand when you may be able to fix the issue yourself and when you need to call The AC Hero.

You may be experiencing water pressures issues in Fort Worth because:

  • Your water supplier is dealing with an issue. Check with your neighbors to see if they are also experiencing low water pressure problems. If they are, there is a good chance your local water supplier is to blame. Contact them and ask whether they are aware of the issue and when they plan to resolve it. If there is a known issue, a plumber will not be able to help you: You will need to wait for your water supplier to take action.
  • Your water meter valve is not fully open. If you recently had work done on your house that required the temporary shutting off of your water, there is a possibility that the water meter valve was not fully reopened. Unfortunately, this is a situation where you may need to get another party involved, as many water meter valves are difficult to access (and may even be underground). If you do know where your water meter valve is and can reach it, check to see if it is completely open. Otherwise, you should contact your water company to explore your options before getting in touch with a plumber.
  • Your water shutoff valve is not fully open. Unless you recently dealt with a leak, you probably have not touched your water shutoff valve in some time. Still, you should locate your valve and confirm it is open all the way. If you are not sure how to assess whether your water shutoff valve is completely open (or are not sure where to find it), consider hiring a professional plumber to assist you.
  • Your pressure regulator is malfunctioning. Not all plumbing systems are equipped with a pressure regulator, but if you do have one, you should attempt to adjust its setting to see if that fixes the problem. If this does not work, you can try to attach a water pressure gauge to a hose spigot to get an accurate read on the current water pressure. If there is a major discrepancy between the gauge’s reading and your pressure regulator’s setting, something is wrong with your regulator. You will most likely need a plumber to repair or replace the regulator and restore the proper water pressure.
  • Your pipes are clogged. Various types of debris, including dirt, food particles, and other foreign objects, can build up deep in your pipes can cause a troublesome blockage. Any blockage can reduce water pressure, as there is less space for water to travel through. You will almost certainly need a professional to locate the clog, access the affected pipes, and resolve the problem. 
  • Your pipes are corroded. Pipes, especially older pipes that use less-durable materials, have a shelf life. When they are used longer than intended, they begin to corrode, causing low water pressure and other problems. If you live in an older house, you should have a professional plumber conduct a full inspection and determine whether repiping is necessary. 
  • Your pipes are leaking. Even a minor leak can affect water pressure, so if you notice any dripping or water pooling, you may have found the issue. Pipe leaks of any severity should be taken care of before the problem escalates, so you should consider getting a plumber to take a look as soon as you can.

Resolving Water Pressure Problems in North Richland Hills

If you are tired of dealing with these or any other water pressure issues in Fort Worth, we are here to provide responsive and dependable service. Flexible payment options are available, so contact us online or call (817) 631-2507 to schedule an appointment today.

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