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When your A/C evaporator coil goes bad or gets dirty, you can count on The AC Hero for help. We’re the leading HVAC contractor in North Richland Hills, TX. Plus, our services are covered by outstanding warranties and financing, so call now to schedule a visit!


Fixing or replacing an evaporator coil is a major repair job. The longer you wait, the more strain it can put on your air conditioning system, and the more you’ll spend on restoring it. Fortunately, the signs of an evaporator coil problem are quite obvious, and include:


Cleaning an evaporator coil is important because it prevents the issues a dirty coil can cause. Accumulation of dirt can increase energy bills, reduce cooling capacity, raise system pressure, and lead to poor heat absorption. The dirt can also cause ice and frost to build up on the coil. While some people choose to clean their evaporator coil themselves, it can be a difficult process and requires special tools. HVAC professionals are trained and equipped to safely and efficiently clean A/C coils.

An air conditioning contractor can also inspect the evaporator coils to determine if a repair is needed. They can spot the cause of issues such as frozen coils, moisture, or a lack of cool air. Whether your evaporator coil can be repaired or needs to be replaced, you can count on a professional to get your A/C working again. At The AC Hero, our technicians are highly skilled, honest, and provide results backed by our 100% guarantee.



It is possible to prevent A/C evaporator coil problems. Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, can cause damage if they get into your coils. Reduce them by avoiding use of VOC-containing products. Installing a whole-house air cleaner that uses UV light can break down these compounds. You can also install a coil lamp that cleans the coils without having to do so manually. Also, make sure your system is running with the right amount of refrigerant; this can also avoid compressor damage and failure.


When cleaning your evaporator coil, make sure you use the appropriate cleaning attire, including protective gloves and goggles. Coil cleaners are acidic so can burn your skin. It’s also important to use the right chemical solution, preferably an alkaline-based one, and try not to use too much pressure or you might damage the coils or cause the solution to splash. If cleaning the evaporator coil seems too difficult, you can always contact us at THE AC HERO to get this taken care of.

Here are the steps:

Now, this is easier said than done. There are components in the AC system that should not get wet, such as the wiring and the compressor. If it is your first time doing this, you are better off calling our team of professionals here in North Richland Hills, TX. The evaporator coil is an important component of your AC system. It is the part that absorbs heat from your room, and it is where the cold refrigerant passes through to reduce the temperature in your house. If the evaporator coil breaks or gets dirty, chances are you are also inhaling dust. Call a professional to help you clean the coils regularly. If you want to do it yourself, it makes perfect sense to get adequate training. Once a technician arrives, watch how they dismantle the AC and clean the coils. You should also know how to put them back together and re-install them.


The trained technicians at The AC Hero provide all types of A/C evaporator coil service, including repair, sealing, cleaning, and replacement in North Richland Hills, TX. They can service air ducts as well, or address any issue with an A/C compressor, evaporator, or other component. We provide preventative maintenance, complete inspections, and unmatched warranties as well as unbeatable financing options. To learn more or request service, call us today at (817) 753-0935  today!

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