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When your heater or furnace needs repair, you can count on The AC Hero. We are the leading residential and commercial HVAC service provider in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Call us immediately if you experience any heating system problems!


The AC Hero repairs all types of heating equipment. Your HVAC system has many functions and customers in North Richland Hills and surrounding communities rely on heating to stay warm in the winter. But a malfunctioning heating system causes more than uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. The condition of your heater or furnace can trigger a range of issues. Even with good maintenance, problems can occur, which is why we are available 24/7 to address your emergency.


Our technicians are licensed, trained, and equipped to deal with any problem. We offer same-day service and can usually repair your heater in a single visit. The problems and issues we most often see include:


While furnaces produce heat, heat pumps draw it from outside or another source. They are normally quite efficient but can develop problems. We can address any reason a heat pump doesn’t produce enough heat. This can often be fixed by making an adjustment or installing the right thermostat. We can check for dirty air filters, coil problems, defective fans, or an issue with the electric panel or wiring.

Whether an issue involves an air filter, blower, thermostat, or compressor, we can repair it or install replacement parts. Some heat pump problems are complex. While you may be able to replace a filter, don’t attempt any repair that requires technical expertise. You can end up causing more damage or injure yourself. Contact The AC Hero if your heat pump isn’t providing enough heat, won’t turn on, or makes unusual noises. We can get it up and running again in no time.


Preventative maintenance keeps your heating system running smoothly, prevents unexpected breakdowns, and reduces energy consumption. At The AC Hero, we offer a comprehensive Maintenance Plan that ensures your filters are clean and replaced and that all components are functioning normally. By fixing one part that isn’t working right, we can prevent others from failing. Our plan includes biannual checkups of your heater, furnace, or heat pump.

Looking For Financing Options?

THE AC HERO wants to make air conditioning and plumbing affordable for you! That’s why we offer financing that works with you and your budget. Don’t let your finances stop you from getting the service you deserve!

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