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The importance of clean air filters cannot be stressed. AC filters are what helps to keep dust out of your home environment to you can have cool and clean air circulating through your home. A lot of the time, unclean air filters are a major source and the leading cause of damage done to your HVAC system. Clean air filters help to keep your ac system running smoothly and to keep your airflow from being restricted.

Many times, homeowners fail to change out their air filters which can lead to many problems surrounding their ac system. The consequences of not having clean air filters can range from increased energy bills to reduced air quality that isn’t healthy to breathe.

Your ac unit will eventually lead to a premature breakdown if air filters are not changed. This is caused by the amount of strain that is put on your ac unit because your system motors must work harder than they were designed to work.

Another problem associated with unclean air filters is an increased energy bill. Since the amount of work is increased to deliver proper airflow, your ac unit will use more energy to do the same job as it would be doing if the air filters were clean.

You should check your air filters monthly to see and assess the amount of dirt and dust it has caught. A rule of thumb is to at least replace your air filters every 90 days. Keep in mind that we have a Preventative Maintenance Plan where we provide your home with air filters. Call us today at (817) 753-0935 for more information. We serve the following cities in the following zip codes: 76051, 75099, 76039, 76092, 76180, 76034, 76021, 76155, 76022, 75037, 76039, 75261, 75028, 76248, 76244, 76182, 76177, 76131, 76262, 76148, 76137, 76182, 76117, 76053, 76022, 76021, 75038, 75039, 75062, 76118

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