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Water Line Inspection & Repair

Water line problems range from plumbing leaks and sewer ruptures to foul odors, to annoying slow drains. Protect your home, safety, and wallet by calling The AC Hero immediately for repairs. You can reach us today—and we’ll start with a complete and thorough inspection.


Property owners often envision water line repair as something that will require days and days of work, not to mention hours of digging. Modern day water line repair is much simpler and involves more efficient techniques. The water lines serving your home provide important functions. When everything is working normally, you probably don’t think about them. The truth is much different when there is a plumbing problem.

Our certified technicians can clean your pipe from the inside and repair or replace it without digging up your yard. Camera inspection is used to inspect in-house plumbing and sewer lines to determine the exact location of problems. We can clear away debris and blockages with ease. If the damage is severe, we can essentially create a pipe within a pipe using a specialized epoxy that seals leaks, replaces small sections of degraded pipe, and protects it against tree roots. Water line repair has become much simpler and less stressful than in the past.


The AC Hero’s licensed plumbers can fix any type of water line problem, no matter where in your home or on your property it is. Interior plumbing, supply lines, and exterior water lines serving your pool can be inspected and repaired quickly, as can the main line connecting your plumbing to your municipality’s plumbing system. Contact us immediately if you notice or suspect trouble with:


Signs of a broken main water line include puddles of water in your front yard. But since you can’t see your underground line, the only evidence may be a suspicious increase in your water bill. Our licensed plumbers can check to see if the cause is a cracked, broken, or ruptured main line. Damage to water lines inside your home can also cause your utility bill to go up.

You can also check your water meter for unexplained increases in usage. If it’s showing a much higher value than normal, and you’ve been using the same amount of water, a leak is very likely. Stained or moldy walls, a sagging ceiling, or warping floors can be signs of a water line problem. Also be alert of problems such as slow drains, running toilets, or backups of water or sewage that can indicate a severe blockage somewhere that may be contributing to a leak, or be an imminent risk of pipe failure.

Don’t hesitate to call a plumber. Just a minor leak can waste an enormous amount of water over time. And oftentimes, plumbing issues begin small and develop gradually, so it never hurts to have a professional inspection.


A leading plumbing contractor in North Richland Hills, TX, The AC Hero serves the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our plumbers are trained and licensed to quickly resolve water line problems, providing thorough inspections and accurate repairs with each call. All our work is warrantied, and we also offer financing to help you pay for much-needed repairs. Book service now online or call us today at (817) 753-0935  for fast and efficient water line inspection and repair.

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