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A smart HVAC system can help save energy, reduce costs, and improve comfort. Are you looking for easy-to-use HVAC controls or a Wi-Fi connected thermostat? Contact The AC Hero and our home automation-savvy technicians will assist you.


At The AC Hero, our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured to provide all types of HVAC service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Today, a smart HVAC system is an integral part of home automation. We can connect it with your wireless network, allowing remote communication to control heating or cooling based on your preferences and habits. Specializing in systems that improve temperature control and efficiency, our technicians can custom tailor a smart air conditioning and heating system to the precise needs of your household or business.


Traditional systems can be controlled manually or sometimes be programmed. However, they lack the connectivity that smart HVAC systems have, which includes a thermostat connected directly to a smartphone app, from which any function can be controlled. The app can also receive information on real-time temperatures or alert you about when maintenance is needed. Motion detectors with some systems communicate with the thermostat to detect the presence of people. Using these data, the thermostat can automatically adjust temperature and air flow.


Upgrading to a smart HVAC system can yield the following benefits:


The connected systems you have installed contribute to making your HVAC system smart. These individual components include the thermostat, which is connected to the internet to collect and act on data it receives from motion sensors, video feeds, or the cloud. There are even HVAC systems that can receive data from an online weather service; the thermostat can set the indoor temperature accordingly while adjusting the amount of energy used. Thermostats aren’t the only connected devices. Humidifiers can operate in a similar way by collecting data from humidity sensors and adjusting automatically to maintain desired settings. A wide range of environmental sensors can interact with the system, whether they’re monitoring temperature or humidity, ductwork performance, or equipment malfunctions. Sensors can even provide information on filter status, so you know when to clean or replace it, or update you on trends in unit efficiency to spot potential problems. The software running these systems features Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that make it more intuitive to interact with your A/C. But that’s not all. Developers have been integrating encryption technology to make communication more secure and keep your data private. Even concepts such as wearable technology are being considered as experts work to make smart HVAC even smarter.


Smart HVAC integration is possible in commercial properties such as office buildings, schools, retail properties, hotels, restaurants, and apartment complexes. Commercial systems consisting of air handlers, boilers, rooftop units, exhaust systems, and/or heat pumps can be time-consuming and expensive to operate. It’s now easier to make your facility more efficient and workforce healthier and more productive. These objectives can be achieved with web-based automation controls, programmable thermostats, and motion detectors that control the A/C and lighting system.


Our smart HVAC and home automation experts can help chose and install the equipment and technology that can make your home more comfortable and efficient. We offer same-day installation, replacement, and repairs for Dallas-Fort Worth area homes and commercial customers. Financing is available for our HVAC services and integration of smart technology. You can therefore fit the latest A/C automation systems and features into your budget. Call us today at (817) 753-0935 to learn more.

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