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When you need toilet replacement, you can trust the licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing technicians at The AC Hero for professional toilet installation. Call us today now if you have an emergency or want an upgrade to replace an old toilet.


In the U.S., the average person flushes the toilet five times a day, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That is a lot of use over time and a lot of gallons flushed. Installing a toilet requires the hands of an experienced professional. Any mistakes can cause big problems. New toilets must be installed securely and in compliance with the latest building codes. A plumber can install or replace your toilet in little time to resolve a variety of issues and prevent even more serious problems.


Toilets can stop working for a number of reasons. A running toilet is annoying. It can also waste water as the flapper valve may not be closing properly after you flush, or there could be an internal leak. A leaky base is another problem that requires expert help; it may be caused by a worn wax ring. Fixing it requires removing the toilet and resetting a new ring to create a strong seal. Leaks can also be caused by loose refill and siphoning tubes, fill valves, or coupling nuts. Issues with the flange, the float, stopper, or handle can cause your toilet to work improperly as well. If the toilet doesn’t flush or only partially flushes, contact The AC Hero immediately for help.


If your toilet needs frequent repairs, is constantly clogging, or leaks from the base, it’s time for a new one. Fortunately, there are many choices on the market, with toilet sales including types such as:
Older toilets used about 3.2 gallons per flush, so a family of four could end up using tens of thousands of gallons of water just from toilet flushes alone. A new standard limits this to 1.28 gallons per flush, which is mirrored by the Texas HET Law introduced in 2014. Our plumbers can advise you on the best models for your home based on water usage and other factors. Newer toilets are available that you might not know about, including eco-friendly units that save water and are easier to use. A trained plumber can assist you in making a choice, whether you’re installing a new toilet or remodeling your bathroom, to determine the best solution for your home.


At The AC Hero, we offer free consultations, reliable same-day service, and possess 20+ years of experience. You can trust us for high-quality, professional toilet installation in Dallas-Fort Worth to replace an older model or upgrade your bathroom. Plus, we are experts in water conservation and provide customers with practical advice that pertains to their home and budget. To learn more about our options, as well as our warranty and financing, call (817) 753-0935 , today!

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