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Faucet Installation and Repair Services

A leaky faucet can waste a lot more water than you think. If your sink or shower faucets are dripping or have low water pressure, contact The AC Hero. We’ll find the problem quickly, and provide a repair or replacement in no time, so call or schedule service now!

Faucet Installation And Replacement

Our residential and commercial plumbers are knowledgeable about all kinds of shower and sink faucets. They have the training and experience to help you select the right faucet, and will consider your budget in choosing one that offers the best cost savings and value. We ensure you get the most out of a replacement faucet and install models from leading brands, including:

Faucet Repair Services

Equipped to handle the most common faucet and sink issues Dallas/Fort Worth home and business owners face, we can address a damaged O-ring, worn out seals, and corroded valves. We correct the causes of cracking or staining and check for broken plumbing, employing the most effective tools and methods to restore it. Faucets and sinks tend to develop more problems over time, with age, but we’ll continue to recommend the best repair solutions so long as it is cost-effective and practical to do so. Call The AC Hero if you notice signs of faucet/sink problems such as:

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You can trust The AC Hero for effective, affordable solutions to faucet and sink problems. We are familiar with all common issues and can provide same-day service to get your plumbing working again. Upfront pricing is provided with every service call. Our technicians work with integrity and honesty while being committed to providing the highest-quality solutions. Plus, all our work is backed by a 100% guarantee! If you need faucet repair or faucet installation in Dallas-Fort Worth, or sink repair or replacement, contact us today at 817-557-7586 — today!

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