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Clogged drains can happen for many reasons, but common drain cleaners don’t always provide a permanent solution. At The AC Hero, our certified technicians perform drain cleaning using the most state-of-the-art equipment and methods. Call us today for a prompt drain cleaning service!


The AC Hero works quickly without sacrificing quality. Although fast and efficient, our technicians focus on the fine details and provide exceptional service. As one of the top drain cleaning companies in Dallas-Fort Worth, we work around your schedule to ensure clogged kitchen drains, bathroom drains, sinks, toilets, and tubs don’t cause potential issues like floods or pipe damage. If you need to clear a clogged drain, trust our experts to get the job done right.

When your drainpipes are blocked, it can be hard to fix the problem without the right equipment. Our licensed plumbers are trained and equipped to remove the blockage. If an auger or snake doesn’t take care of it, we can use the same hydro jetting techniques as for sewer cleaning and tree root removal; these are often effective at fixing stubborn drain problems.


Grease, fat, and oil buildup are common causes of clogged kitchen sink drains. These can harden in the pipe once they cool and can combine with food particles to make the problem worse. Oil gets washed down the drain from cleaning plates, pots, and pans while anything you put down the garbage disposal can become potential clogs.

Bathroom drains can become clogged due to hair buildup, soap, detergent, toothpaste, and all kinds of dirt and debris that find their way down the drain. In-store bleaches and solvents aren’t always effective because there are many bathroom products that can contribute to blockages, including skin care products and others.

We employ the most reliable drain cleaning solutions in the industry. Even when outside drains get clogged, whether due to household waste, dirt, leaves, and other debris brought in by rain and wind, we can open up a clogged sewer line. This prevents any more water from backing up into your home.


If possible, our technicians will try to remove the clog manually. Hydro jetting can be used to force the blockage out whether it is deeper in a drain or has built up in the sewer line. Drain cleaning eliminates slow drains, noise caused by restricted pipes, and foul odors that can track back into your home from the sewer line. Blockages can put excess pressure on pipe, causing it to burst, so drain cleaning can help your pipes last longer. And in addition to preventing overflows and floods, it can reduce the risk of having a mold or bacteria problem.


When it comes to drain cleaning, you want nothing less than an experienced plumbing professional to take care of the problem. We’re committed to fast resolutions and lasting results. It is our goal to prevent the issue from coming back. To make things easier, we offer an online payment option and financing that works with your budget. Call(817) 753-0935  to schedule drain cleaning service today!

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THE AC HERO wants to make air conditioning and plumbing affordable for you! That’s why we offer financing that works with you and your budget. Don’t let your finances stop you from getting the service you deserve!

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